some mixed shit right about here

but why?

Why the fuck not?

I use the internets all day long. I’m a music producing, photographing, interaction designer writing lots of code for different platforms and art projects so I come across lots of different stuff. But none of that really has anything to do with this blog. This is mostly for my own sake, describing moods and thoughts and stuff like that. But I will occasionally post some of my own work here. If it’s not tagged with some extra text like “made by me” then it probably isn’t made by me. Contact me in some way if you think I stole your work and I’ll remove it. But since I find most stuff on other blogs that won’t do much good. And it’s lame. Are you lame?

and.. my name is Ivar. I work at Ixagon, release my music under “Ivar Oh!” and “One lion and Me” and my other stuff is around so you might find it or not.

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